Thursday, July 26, 2007


Just got to work this morning. The foe-head is doing quite a bit better, but my hip has been bothering me since my softball game on Sunday. So I went to see my orthopedic doctor this morning to make sure I didn't fracture my iliac crest or something equally as annoying (like a hernia).

They took an x-ray and noticed my bones are fine... when I asked what the little black spots were on my left hip, the x-ray tech quietly laughed. I, of course, love a good reason to laugh, responded "What??".

"That's gas."

Wow, that was slightly embarrassing. And I'm not known for being the "embarrassed" type. Oops.

My doctor poked my hip a few times, and said "What happened this time?".

"Well, this is how it goes. Since you sent me to a pain management doctor for my RSD and Fibromyalgia, I've been doing quite a bit better. I also went to see a Shiatsu Therapist, and he was able to help me tremendously. So I decided it would be a great idea to start doing something to help jump start me into working out and losing weight. I started playing softball this summer with a Co-Ed league, which is something I grew up doing and thoroughly enjoy. This past Sunday, I played catcher... now mind you, this weight gain and 'gracefulness' does not lend for a very comfortable squat for extended periods of time. You know the term 'cow-tipping'? That's sort of what it's like when you bump me in a squatting position. I just sort of, well, fall over. That did happen a couple times, as well as having collisions with a few people attempting to score. Since that point, I've been fairly stiff, and my hip has hurt to the touch, and it's especially irritating when I'm going up stairs."

As I'm giving my brief monologue of pitiful events, I look at my doctor, who's face is suddenly bright red, and my chart is covering his mouth. Oh yes, I'm being laughed at. Just to make sure he heard me correctly, he asked "And you just... fell over?".

"Yes, it's not that hard to do with me. I could fall over from a standing position, let alone a squatting position."

He is in full out laughter at this point, and I'm pretty sure (although he may never admit it) he might have had tears coming to his eyes and maybe even dribbled a little from spastic bladder control under the circumstances.

Regardless, once he managed to regain to control of himself, he decided to do an injection in my hip with cortisone, and sent me on my way. He believes the bursitis in my hips is flaring up again, so that's just one more thing we have to monitor.

I'm feeling a tad bit better at this point, but obviously, my ego is a little bruised. Good thing my doctor is a fox.

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