Monday, August 6, 2007

New Injury, Same Stupidity

Ummm... I hit my head again. Well, actually, I didn't do the hitting. A softball that took a mean bounce off homeplate last night hit my head. I have the stitch marks from the softball on forehead.

Why, yes, some of you must say "But Pain Freak, how do you manage to keep doing these things to yourself?". My only response is "I don't know, it's fun".

You would think by now I would learn to stay away from anything that could hurt my head... you know, cars, softballs, doors, countertops, nightstands, shower heads, sinks, cupboards... but then, well, I just wouldn't leave the house anymore. I'd stay in bed, never leaning towards my lamp or alarm clock. And I'll most definitely need a padded headboard, because we all know that walls have the capability of reaching out and smacking me upside the head.

For your viewing pleasure- my newest contusion:

1 comment:

Busty said...

For your birthday, Methinks I shall bestow you with a nice, shiny and mega-padded helmet, complete with faceguard...